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Unstoppable Viking Power combines turk and laxo for a versatile muscle-builder

Viking Power Gleipnir

Viking Power was our International Brand Of The Year for 2023, and deservedly so. The Swedish house brand rolled out more completely new complex supplements than most other competitors in the industry, and they were some powerhouse products for several key sports nutrition categories. The rate of releases has not slowed for Viking Power moving into this year, and this week it has filled another hole in its already vast selection with the muscle builder Gleipnir.

Gleipnir is a supplement from Viking Power centered around two main ingredients for the purpose of increasing, enhancing, and supporting muscle building. Those components are the popular turkesterone and laxogenin, which the brand wants to highlight the pure dosages of, not necessarily the amount of their sources. This is typical of turkesterone supplements, where you see something like 500mg of turkesterone, except that’s the source not actual turkesterone.

Viking Power’s Gleipnir gives you 100mg each of turkesterone and laxogenin, and again, that is the pure amount, with the former coming from a gram of maral root and the latter from 200mg of sarsaparilla. Again those two are the main supporters of the muscle building benefits in Gleipnir, although there are a few other ingredients in the mix with boron, zinc, and vitamin B6, as well as AstraGin at an effective 50mg per serving to improve absorption and overall efficacy.

The price of Gleipnir is fairly typical for a turkesterone-based muscle building supplement, with Viking Power’s parent company and retailer, MM Sports, selling full-size bottles of 60 capsules or 30 servings, at 549kr (50.58 USD). The hugely popular sports nutrition store offers bulk bundles for the majority of its products, and that is available for Gleipnir, where you can grab two month’s supply at 10% discount or go for a 12 week run in three bottles for 15% off at 466kr (42.94 USD).