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We Go Home makes its already premium hydration supplement even better

We Go Home Hydrate V2

Reputable sports nutrition brand We Go Home has reworked its dedicated hydration supplement Hydrate, or more officially Hydrat3, with Hydrate V2. The product has been upgraded in many different areas thanks to the addition of a variety of new ingredients, all for the purpose of supporting hydration, performance, and recovery. There are some non-formula tweaks to, with the brand changing up the size of the bottle and adding a new flavor to the menu.

We’ve got the facts panel for the new and improved We Go Home Hydrate V2 directly below, and thanks to the full transparency of the sports nutrition brand, you get to see each and every ingredient that is in there alongside its dose. It is worth noting while the primary purpose of the supplement is to drive hydration and performance, it has amino acids in there, too, for muscle recovery and repair, at a combined 10g of all nine EAAs, 60% of that at 6g, belonging to BCAAs.

We Go Home Hydrate V2 1

As for the components in We Go Home’s sequel hydration supplement, Hydrate V2, has a gram of taurine, the quality electrolyte sources coconut water, pink Himalayan salt, TRAACS, and Aquamin marine-sourced minerals collectively providing close to 900mg of electrolytes. Further driving the hydration and endurance portion of the product is the proven performance and muscle-building ingredient Senactiv at 50mg and AstraGin to improve absorption and overall efficacy.

We Go Home is planning to launch and make its revamped Hydrate, or more officially Hydrat3, through its online store at The brand puts 50% more than your typical pre-workout into V2 with 30 servings, enough to get you through six weeks if used during training at five times a week. The specialized hydration, performance, strength, and muscle-building product comes at a premium price of $49.99, and, as mentioned, the revamp has a new flavor in Pink Starblast.