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New flavors of the 5-Hour Energy Drink bring a whole new look to the beverage

5 Hour Energy Complete 2024 Rebrand

5-Hour Energy revealed and released two new flavors this week for its carbonated and canned beverage, the 5-Hour Energy Drink, which is only the second time its menu has been added to. The product came to market in three sugar-free, zero-calorie options and had another three introduced near the end of 2022. The extensions to the energy drink this week take it to a total of eight flavors to choose from, and those intriguing new experiences are Raspberry Rizz and the candy-inspired Rainbow Sherbet.

Fans of the energy shot giant and its energy drink may have noticed a slight change in the appearance of the 5-Hour Energy Drink; in fact, it is incredibly noticeable, even by those who may not have seen the beverage all that much. Previously, the product came dressed in a very straightforward design featuring curvy blocks of color with an orange-to-yellow gradient at the top. The all-new Raspberry Rizz and Rainbow Sherbet are anything but that, with more graphical, flavor-specific designs, as seen above.

If you were wondering if that appearance is specific to the Raspberry Rizz and Rainbow Sherbet 5-Hour Energy Drinks, that is sensibly not the case, as the brand has indeed carried the look across to its other six flavors, each getting its own background pattern and combination of colors. You can see it all reflected on 5-Hour Energy’s website and purchase any of the rebranded cans through there at $31.99 a case.