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5-Hour adds another set of flavors to its energy drink including a colorful Rainbow Sherbet

Rainbow Sherbet 5 Hour Energy Drink

The energy shot dominator 5-Hour Energy brought its compact and convenient energizing formula to the world of canned and carbonated beverages a few years ago in the 5-Hour Energy Drink. It has all of the same ingredients and dosages as the brand’s original shot, including its energy-enhancing 230mg of caffeine. The drink keeps the nutrition to an absolute minimum, too, with no sugar in its standard 16oz can as well as zero carbohydrates and calories.

The 5-Hour Energy Drink hit the market in three flavors, a menu that was doubled about a year and a half ago with three more fruity recipes in Orangesicle, Tropical Burst, and Pineapple Splash. While other energy drinks gradually expand their selection of flavors, 5-Hour Energy continues to do it in groups. After the three extensions at the end of 2022, the brand has two more tastes it’s rolling out in the first half of 2024 in Rainbow Sherbet and Raspberry Rizz.

You can already get the sweet-sounding Rainbow Sherbet and Raspberry Rizz 5-Hour Energy Drinks straight from the brand’s online store alongside its other six options, and where the price of a case is more than reasonable at $31.99 for the usual 12 cans.