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Reputable Afterdark introduces its well-rounded fat-burning pre-workout Inhuman Pyro

Afterdark Inhuman Pyro

The brick-and-mortar exclusive Afterdark, which has quietly built a strong and impressive reputation, has revealed a spin-off that takes its signature and hard-hitting stimulant pre-workout Inhuman in a hybrid direction. Similar to many other sports nutrition brands out there, the growing brand has put together a fat-burning version in Inhuman Pyro, which has a lot of similarities to the original but is very much an entirely separate experience and pre-workout.

Despite attempting to cover two sports nutrition categories, Afterdark does a great job at squeezing in a whole host of ingredients into Inhuman Pyro to support all of your usual pre-workout benefits and weight loss effects. The fat-burning side centers around three key components, all of them premium and branded with 100mg of CapsiBurn cayenne and tabasco pepper, 25mg of Caloriburn grains of paradise, and 25mg of the reliably sweat-inducing ProGBB, GBB.

Outside of those three fat-burning features, you get a vast array of pre-workout ingredients in Afterdark’s Inhuman Pyro, and we do genuinely mean that, not in the sense that it has a lot considering it’s a hybrid supplement. There is 5g of pure citrulline and pumps, 3.5g of beta-alanine for performance, and a handful of reliable compounds for clarity and focus with a gram of tyrosine, 35mg of theanine, and half a gram each of choline bitartrate and DMAE.

Afterdark Inhuman Pyro Label

The remaining ingredients in Inhuman Pyro are what take care of the energizing side of the latest Afterdark innovation, and this is something we found out firsthand in its Inhuman pre-workout, that it is incredibly good at. For the hybrid pre-workout, the reputable brand has combined 200mg of theobromine, 100mg of NeuroRush, a yohimbine pairing of 3mg yohimbine and 2mg of alpha yohimbine, and a potent 375mg of caffeine from three separate sources.

As mentioned, Afterdark’s Inhuman Pyro does as good of a job as its regular Inhuman at supporting the core pre-workout benefits, in addition to the weight loss infusion relying on CapsiBurn, CaloriBurn, ProGBB, and the yohimbines. The underground, brick-and-mortar exclusive brand is launching its take on the fat-burning pre-workout subcategory later this month, and it won’t be short on flavors with five to choose from in Very Berry, Watermelon Honeydew, Mango Pineapple, Blueberry Pomegranate, and Black Cherry, all with 21 full servings a bottle.