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Caramel Toffee temporarily joins the menu of Alpha Sports Nutrition’s premium protein

Alpha Sports Caramel Toffee Optimal Whey

Alpha Sports Nutrition in South Africa is treating fans of its more premium protein powder Optimal Whey, which carries a heftier price tag compared to the multi-source Pro Whey and plant-based Vegan Protein due to its blend of sources in whey isolate and concentrate, and micellar casein. The well-established brand has added a temporary taste to the menu of Optimal Whey, which is indeed a limited edition launch and will undoubtedly be greatly appreciated, seeing as it only has two ongoing options available.

Hitting the market this week in Alpha Sports Nutrition’s local South African market is a Caramel Toffee flavor of Optimal Whey protein powder, and not only will it be great for regular users of the supplement to get another taste, but it’s a relatively uncommon offering. The original flavors available for Optimal Whey are as traditional as they come in Chocolate Cereal and Vanilla Donut, and to make it known Caramel Toffee is something special, the brand has given it an alternative white-colored label design.