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Potent energy and focus formula Furiosa is about to get even more intense

Apollon Getting Ready For Furiosa V2

Apollon Nutrition is heavily known for its pre-workouts, with some absolutely stacked competitors such as its two originals, Hooligan and Assassin, and our favorite of the lineup, the performance-powering and strength-enhancing Lionheart. The two-time Brand Of The Year goes deep into the category, too, with some specific supplements like the stimulant-free Bare Knuckle and the intriguing, energy and focus-only product Furiosa, which uniquely comes in capsule format.

Furiosa came to market at the end of 2022, on Apollon Nutrition’s way to winning its second Brand Of The Year title, and in the typical style of the hardcore supplement company, it is about to relaunch with a refreshed combination of ingredients and dosages. The product is going to remain focused on those two sensory benefits of intense energy and enhanced mental focus, and while we don’t know for sure, we imagine it will stay in its rare but original capsule format.

Apollon Nutrition frequently reformulates its supplements, and as with any good brand, the goal each time is to make something better. With that in mind, it’s almost guaranteed that Furiosa is going to up its game in V2; in fact, the founder of the brand, Robik Samborsky, has said the bar will indeed be raised. The original was pretty potent, featuring alpha yohimbine, 800mg of alpha-GPC, vinpocetine, and a combined 450mg of caffeine, which will make for a potent sequel.