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Apollon still manages to squeeze a potent formula into its pill pre-workout Furiousa

Apollon Nutrition Furiousa

With only a few weeks left in the year, you might have expected Apollon Nutrition to slow things down, especially after the year it’s had, pumping out more new supplements than most of the field. Instead, the hardcore company is ramping things up, rolling out even more. After dropping its powerhouse creatine CreaSmash a month ago, then premium Kidney Kindness, and standalone TUDCA, Apollon is introducing Furiousa.

Furiousa is Apollon Nutrition’s compact and convenient pre-workout in a pill, where it brings together reliable pre-workout ingredients in a reasonably sized five-capsule serving. The brand has specifically utilized lighter components like elevATP for performance, CellFlo6, and alpha-GPC for focus, as opposed to much heavier things like beta-alanine, citrulline, and tyrosine, which would drastically increase the serving’s capsule count.

Apollon Nutrition Furiousa Label

You can see the complete formula Apollon Nutrition has crafted for Furiousa in the image above, with many ingredients for the energy and focus portion of the experience. Alongside the elevATP for performance and hefty 800mg of alpha-GPC, you get 300mg of energizing enXtra, 350mg of caffeine anhydrous plus another 100mg of caffeine from zumXR, 200mcg of huperzine, and 2mg of the potent alpha yohimbine.

Furiousa is an interesting alternative to the many other pre-workouts in the Apollon Nutrition catalog, all of which come in flavored powder format. The brand’s latest innovation is, as mentioned, a pre-workout in a pill, and despite the constraints, Apollon has still managed to bring its signature intensity to the concept. Furiosa packs what should be a strong energy and focus experience with added performance and pump support.

Apollon Nutrition is launching Furiousa and making it live for purchase on its website in three days on Friday at Being that it has a less loaded formula or at least not as over-the-top as some of the brand’s other pre-workouts like Hooligan and Assassin, the price of Furiousa won’t be as high, but it still has that pre-workout style, 20 servings per bottle.