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Cost-effective competitor called Desperado is joining Apollon’s reputable pre-workout arsenal

Apollon Nutrition Confirms Desperado Pre Workout

Apollon Nutrition has long been known for its reputable, powerhouse, premium pre-workouts, the two most prominent being the high-stimulant Assassin and more balanced Hooligan, but don’t forget our favorite from its selection in the performance-driving Lionheart. Since its strong beginnings, the brand has expanded that reputation into many other sports nutrition categories, proving it’s a lot more than a pre-workout specialist, with fat burners, muscle builders, protein products, and more.

While Apollon Nutrition is significantly more versatile and comprehensive than it once was, it still has incredible strength in the pre-workout category, with Assassin and Hooligan continuing to increase their reputation, plus other impressive efforts like Lionheart, Triumph, Youngblood, Double Impact, Timecop, F#ck Mediocre, and the intense It’s A Mad Mad Mad World. The two-time Brand Of The Year is now preparing another pre-workout, although this one is very different from anything else it’s done.

As mentioned, Apollon Nutrition is known for its powerhouse premium pre-workouts, and we certainly mean premium, as all of those have sat above the $50 mark; even the milder Youngblood came in at just over $50 at $54.95. The upcoming supplement from the hardcore brand is going to change all of that, as it will be a much more cost-effective competitor for the space called Desperado, and despite that kinder price point, you are still going to get Apollon’s signature, loaded list of ingredients and dosages.

There have been a few notable names put together their take on a cost-effective pre-workout; however, knowing and seeing how hard Apollon Nutrition goes in its many other entries in the category, we can’t help but look forward to this one. We’re not exactly sure where the cost of the upcoming Desperado pre-workout is going to land; it seems as though it’ll be around the 30 to $40 mark, maybe even a touch above, with full details on the promising product due to be shared within the next few weeks.