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Apollon’s very real April Fools’ Day pre-workout will only be available in three places

Where To Buy Apollon Its A Mad Mad Mad Mad World Pre Workout

Despite yesterday being absolutely loaded with jokes and pranks in the spirit of April Fools’ Day, Apollon Nutrition was not playing around, even though the name of the supplement it announced seemed very unrealistic. For those that missed it, on the first day of this month, the hardcore company unveiled its powerhouse, stimulant-loaded pre-workout It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World, featuring over 3g of stimulants, and that is excluding the 4g of tyrosine and gram of alpha-GPC it has included for focus.

It may come as no surprise, but Apollon Nutrition has sold out of It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World, and by that it means, the only stock it has remaining is for its direct-to-consumer business. The brand offered the limited edition pre-workout out to its wholesale customers and you’ll be interested to hear that outside of, there will only be two places you can go to get it. It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World is going to be available at the reliable and reputable retailers Ares Nutrition and NutriCartel.

They’ll all be selling Apollon Nutrition’s stimulant junkie pre-workout It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World for the same price, but it’s worth knowing about Ares Nutrition and NutriCartel, as once it’s sold out on the brand’s website, fans will need somewhere to go. The loaded stimulant supplement is going live this coming Friday at and at the retailers, it’ll probably be as soon as stock arrives.