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Formula reveal and official launch of Apollon’s value-focused Desperado coming next week

Apollon Nutrition Price And Formula Date For Desperado

Since the initial mention of the upcoming supplement, many fans and followers have reached out for more information about Apollon Nutrition’s cost-effective pre-workout Desperado. The product is going to be the first competitor from the hardcore brand in the saturated category that isn’t above $50 or, for that matter, almost in the $30s. In the continued build up to the debut of the promising pre-workout, Apollon has passed on an exact price and details on when you’ll see the formula and be able to get your hands on it.

Apollon Nutrition’s value-focused pre-workout Desperado is officially launching one week from today through its official online store at The reveal of the combination of ingredients and dosages driving the well-rounded experience in the supplement is going to be shared before the debut, in three days, in fact, on Monday. We’ll have the facts panel to share around five or six in the evening, Eastern Time, and for those wondering about the price, Desperado is going to be in the middle of the 40s right on $44.95.

While a competitive price and great value is the focal point of Apollon Nutrition’s Desperado pre-workout, it is still going to have some impressive hefty dosages and a variety of ingredients rarely seen at the cost it’ll have. That is what’s going to be most exciting about the next innovation out of the two-time Brand Of The Year, and if its many other pre-workouts are anything to go by, it’s almost guaranteed it won’t miss the mark.