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Apollon makes mouthwatering protein doughnuts with New York’s legendary Dough

Apollon Nutrition X Dough Protein Doughnuts

Over the weekend, Apollon Nutrition debuted something that almost no one would have seen coming, with an absolutely smash-hit collaboration but not for anything like we’re used to seeing such as a flavor of protein powder or partnership pre-workout. The two-time Brand Of The Year and reputable hardcore supplement company got together with the legendary doughnut maker Dough in New York to create some absolutely mouthwatering protein-packed doughnuts, unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Dough is a doughnut-making icon, regarded as one of the best out there, so it certainly knows how to make something memorable and delicious. Again, Apollon Nutrition got together with Dough and made a batch of protein doughnuts, which it brought and sold at the prestigious bodybuilding contest, the New York Pro, this past weekend. The head-turning creations are made with Apollon’s 50/50 Formula-X and plant-based 50/50 Formula-V protein powders, and unsurprisingly, were incredibly well received.

From a sports nutrition side, you may think it’s all well and good that they taste amazing, but what are the macros? Apollon Nutrition was able to confirm that each of the high-protein doughnuts from Dough has around 16g of protein and 20g of carbohydrates. That’s on par with your typical protein bar in terms of protein-to-carb balance, although these aren’t anything dense and chewy; the functional food collaboration is as soft and flavorful as a protein doughnut could be, and the good news is they weren’t exclusive to the New York Pro.

Apollon Nutrition and Dough debuted their unforgettable protein doughnut experience over the weekend but potentially plan on making them consistently available in a variety of locations in the near future, including at the legendary Apollon Gym in New Jersey. Again, the supplement company had immense success with the protein doughnuts over the weekend at the New York Pro, and we certainly look forward to seeing things expand from here into more locations, flavors, varieties, and beyond.