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One of Apollon’s three flavors of Desperado is a collaboration with one of its premier athletes

Apollon X Luke Fernandez Desperado Flavor

Tomorrow is the big day for Apollon Nutrition’s everyday, daily driver, or value-focused pre-workout Desperado, which is a significant deal for the hardcore supplement company for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the two-time Brand Of The Year winner has never made a pre-workout in this price range, under the $50 mark at $44.95. It is also the rare occasion where Apollon makes a pre-workout that doesn’t have a potent level of caffeine up in the area of 600mg, as seen in the high-powered Assassin and balanced Hooligan.

Apollon Nutrition’s Desperado is stacked full of highlights, including 8g of straight citrulline, 250mg of citicoline, a more moderate 350mg of caffeine, and 3g of the always effective NO3-T nitrates. We’re sharing the supplement again today, as we’ve got its list of flavors to get out there, and there is an interesting turn to this. There are going to be three flavors available for the product at launch including Blue Raspberry Lemonade and Peach Orange, and the third one is actually a collaboration with one of the brand’s athletes.

The third option of Desperado sees Apollon Nutrition get together with CFFC Light Heavyweight Champion and longtime ambassador Luke Fernandez to create a Mango Raspberry flavor. To further reinforce the partnership, the Mango Raspberry Desperado features Fernandez himself on the bottle, and will be going live tomorrow through Apollon’s website alongside the standard options, Blue Raspberry Lemonade and Peach Orange.