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Barebells prepares to treat fans to two all-new undoubtedly delicious protein bars

Barebells Mystery Regular And Soft Protein Bar

If you’re like us and are giant, longtime fans of the category-leading functional food company Barebells, and also enjoy a good mystery, the Swedish powerhouse Barebells has put something out that feeds into both of those camps. The creative company has posted up a teaser video featuring two different bar-format protein snacks, both clearly separate, potentially entirely different items or flavors, although most importantly, they’re completely blurred with nothing overly clear or concrete to see.

Based on the blurry figures that are included in Barebells’ latest teaser, it looks as though we’re in for a red and white or red and light red flavor of the signature and legendary Barebells Protein Bar, and the other is yellow, with green and yellow title text, and a layout matching the Barebells Soft Protein Bar. While we have no idea what kind of experience we’re getting in either of the products other than that they’re protein bars, the great news is we’re about to get two all-new and tasty protein products.

There have been products in the past with colors similar to those in the teaser video in a Raspberry Cream Barebells Protein Bar and Lemon Curd White Chocolate Barebells Protein Bar from several years ago. There is the possibility that we’re about to see one or both of their returns, but those are good guesses as judging by the colors, it looks like we’re in for a raspberry-themed protein bar and some sort of lemon one.

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