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Barebells and its legendary leading protein bar officially hit shelves in Canada

Barebells Officially Available In Canada

Ever since experiencing our first-ever Barebells Protein Bar, we assumed it would only be a matter of time before the delicious protein snack made its way around the world and onto all of the shelves it deserved to be on. It has taken many years since it came to market and took over Scandinavia as well as most of Europe, but the Sweden-born brand is now available in all corners of the world, including the highly competitive US landscape, and this month, it is officially hitting Canada.

Barebells and its delicious protein snacks have graced shelves in Canada previously via various stores that directly imported the products. This is the innovative functional food specialist going in and distributing with a dual-language version, meeting all of the rules and regulations required for it to be sold in the large Canadian market. Fans can expect all of the same great taste and textures Barebells’ world-leading bar is known for with all of its great nutrition in 20g of protein and no added sugar.

Similar to how Barebells gradually grew its selection in the US, Canada is starting out with a handful of flavors of the signature Barebells Protein Bar, including Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Dough, and two of our absolute favorites, Creamy Crisp and Caramel Cashew. The brand is launching the delicious protein-packed snacks in physical stores first, then online, in single, four-pack, and 12-bar boxes, hitting giants such as Supplement King, Herc’s Nutrition, and Supplements Canada.

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