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Black Magic and Condemned promise to make the absolute best pre-workout imaginable

Black Magic And Condemned Pre Workout

Inter-brand collaborations as we call them, have become much more common than they were back when Inspired did the first-ever competitor team up with the original underground supplement company Black Market. Of the many that have followed, the majority of them have been with brands that had already done a partnership product with someone else, and that is the case with news of the latest one which is between Black Magic and hardcore competitor Condemned Labz.

The two well-known and reputable supplement companies have announced they are doing something together, and if you’re a fan of sports nutrition, especially on the premium side, this should be an immensely exciting development. Both brands are known for their hard-hitting pre-workouts; for Condemned, there are the likes of Convict and its more recent special edition Souls 4 Sale, and Black Magic has its original BZRK and the advanced level-up, BZRK Overdrive.

We’re talking about the brands’ pre-workouts as that is what they are coming together to formulate and produce; in fact, they’re describing it as the “absolute best pre-workout imaginable”. That shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise as absolutely every pair that’s collaborated for a sports nutrition product, has made a pre-workout. We look forward to seeing how this unfolds and, better yet, what the formula looks like when you combine the minds of Black Magic and Condemned Labz.