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Bucked Up lowers the caffeine for a golf version of its shotgun shell energy shot

Bucked Up Golf Shot

Years ago, the hugely popular Bucked Up got itself into the game of energy shots with a uniquely packaged product named Buck Shot. To keep things interesting, the brand put the compact and convenient shot of energy into a shotgun shell-looking 2oz bottle, which definitely pops when you see it on shelves or at the checkout counter. The brand has just introduced a spin-off of that item with the Golf Shot, specifically designed and marketed towards those in the world of golf.

Bucked Up’s Golf Shot still has that shotgun shell bottle like the original Buck Shot, although instead of having a black-colored label wrapped around it, Golf Shot has a white label with a golf ball pattern filling out the background. As far as the ingredients go, the brand has kept almost everything the same for energy and focus with B vitamins, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine at 300mg a shot, 100mg of tryptophan, 50mg each of AlphaSize alpha-gpc and theanine, and 50mcg of huperzine a.

The one difference in formula from Buck Shot and Bucked Up’s Golf Shot is the caffeine has been halved, from 200mg of caffeine anhydrous down to 100mg, for a less overpowering hit of energy, but still a reasonably effective and noticeable amount. Regardless of whether golf is your thing, or you just like the idea of 100mg of caffeine, the Golf spin-off doesn’t cost anything more than Buck Shot, and it’s available in four flavors: Birdie Blast, Gimme Grape, Par Punch, and Orange Slice.