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Vitamin Shoppe gets a two-flavor pack of Woke AF and it’s better value than a 30-serving tub

Bucked Up Woke Af Trial Pack

Multi-packs and trial sizes are a great way to try different flavors of products, especially protein snacks and energy drinks, although it works just as well for pre-workouts and protein powders, especially when they have a lot of tastes to choose from. Bucked Up has just launched something exclusively at the major supplement store, The Vitamin Shoppe, that gives you precisely what we’re talking about — variety — specifically for one of its many popular pre-workouts in Woke AF.

Bucked Up’s all-new Woke AF Trial Pack is a special edition box set that comes with two tubs of the stimulant-backed pre-workout. They aren’t the usual 30 servings; they’re trial sizes packing a total of 10 servings, and they have their own individual flavors with one in the Bomb Pop-inspired ‘Merica Rocket Pop and other Dragon Fruit. The cost from The Vitamin Shoppe is $34.99, which actually makes it about 5% more cost-effective than the usual 30-serving bottle at $54.99

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