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Cellucor includes two of its Popsicle flavors in Vitamin Shoppe’s energy drink variety pack

C4 Energy Drink Variety Pack With Popsicle

The C4 Energy Drink from Cellucor got its latest lot of authentic collaborations earlier this year, where the sports nutrition company teamed up with the legendary ice pop company Popsicle for Popsicle Cherry, Popsicle Grape, Popsicle Hawaiin Pineapple, and Creamsicle flavors. They all offer a taste experience a bit beyond the familiar fruit in their names, like cherry and grape, reinforcing the Popsicle infusion and giving you a genuinely sweeter, almost candy-like experience.

If you haven’t tried any of them yet, whether it’s because you haven’t decided which one you’d like to try, or maybe you haven’t even popped your C4 Energy Drink cherry yet, there is now a way to kill two birds with one stone, or potentially three. Cellucor and C4 have put together a case variant that you can order online from The Vitamin Shoppe that isn’t all one flavor, and just as interestingly, the overall price is not that high due to the 12 cans inside being the slimmer 12oz.

The all-new C4 Energy Drink Variety Pack is true to its name, giving you a variety to choose from in one case, rather than a pack of 12 in a single flavor. There are four flavors in the case, breaking down into three each of Frozen Bombsicle and Strawberry Watermelon Ice, and two of the authentic Popsicles in Grape and Cherry. As mentioned, the overall price is less than a pack of 12 16oz cans at $24.99, and right now, The Vitamin Shoppe has a buy one get one half-price sale.

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