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Chris Bumstead’s energy drink is about to get a flavor that tastes like the mentality of a champion

Champion Mentality Bum Energy Drink

Chris Bumstead and Raw Nutrition’s soda can-sized energy drink BUM Energy has slowly and steadily grown its menu well beyond its original pair of Cherry Frost and Orange Sunrise. It has recreated all sorts of familiar flavors and experiences for its simple and reliable energy and focus beverage, powered by 112mg of caffeine and an effective 250mg of Cognizin. The next addition to BUM Energy appears to take a page out of Raw Nutrition’s book regarding the non-descriptive flavors it has put together.

Due to hit the market sometime in the near future is a Champion Mentality BUM Energy Drink, again, similar to the non-descriptive flavors Chris Bumstead and Raw Nutrition have done for their pre-workouts like 3-Peat, 4-Peat, and 5-Peat, Christopher’s Secret Stuff, and Christopher’s Juicy Pumps. We have no idea what Champion Mentality is going to taste like other than the fact it’s like the mindset of a winner, and what better person than that to come from than the five-time Classic Olympia champion.

News of the Champion Mentality BUM Energy Drink couldn’t have come at a better time, as we are not far away from the 2024 edition of the prestigious Mr. Olympia competition that will be back in Las Vegas in October. That is a little more than four months away, plenty of time for the intriguingly named Champion Mentality to go into production and be well into distribution for when Chris Bumstead steps on stage to defend his Classic Olympia title and potentially further cement his legacy with a 6-Peat.