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Chaos and Pain dials up the calories in its newest mass gainer Bulkamania

Chaos And Pain Bulkamania

Gorilla Mind isn’t the only supplement company pumping out a mass gainer this week; the long-running hardcore competitor Chaos and Pain has jumped into the space, although this isn’t its first in the space. Not too long ago, the brand had The Incredible Bulk, providing a scaleable 24g of protein per serving, half of that in carbohydrates at 12g, and a rather mild 170 calories. Bulkamania is the all-new gainer from Chaos and Pain, and this time, it has gone much harder nutritionally.

While The Incredible Bulk had a protein-favoring 2:1 protein-to-carbohydrate ratio, Chaos and Pain’s Bulkamania takes the more traditional route of packing moderate protein to a significantly high carbohydrate count at 35g of protein to 80g of carbs. The brand relies on typical sources for the macronutrients, with whey concentrate for the protein and maltodextrin for the carbohydrates, with the fat sitting at a low 6g in a four-scoop serving, all combined for 510 calories.

Again, compared to Chaos and Pain’s past mass gainer, Bulkamania is much more typical of what we see in the high-calorie category, giving you a whole bunch of carbohydrates and plenty of protein for anyone looking to get as much nutrition as possible from the convenient shake format. You can, of course, scale the product too, whether you need less or even more, as bumping up to two servings gets you 70g of protein and 160g of carbs, and also doubling the calories into four figures.

Chaos and Pain has only put its gainer Bulkamania into a tub, none of the giant bags or buckets we’ve seen before, and in that tub is 6lbs of powder, working out to around 21 servings, at that 35g of protein and 80g of carbohydrates. Obviously, if you double your serving, that falls to about ten servings, or half gets you to just over 40. The price on the 6lb size of Bulkamania is $49.99 in two of the most classic flavors of protein supplements in Chocolate Milkshake and Vanilla Milkshake.