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Gorilla Mind sets its gainer apart with quality protein sources and proven Velositol

Gorilla Mind Gorilla Mode Mass Gainer

Gorilla Mind’s first-ever mass gainer is here, continuing the name used on many of its other supplements like its pre-workout and protein powder, but attached the category to it with the Gorilla Mode Mass Gainer. The award-winning brand gave everyone a sneak peek at the product over the weekend, revealing the sort of nutrition balance jammed into each serving. The high-calorie protein supplement has become available today, giving us every detail we need, including the ingredients.

Much like we suspected based on the highlights called out on the front of Gorilla Mind’s Gorilla Mode Mass Gainer, the product is a relatively straightforward competitor for the space that mostly centers around the macros. It gives you substantially more than the usual 50g of protein at 70g, from a quality blend that is suprisingly mostly whey isolate and then concentrate, 175g of carbohydrates from fast digesting sources in maltodextrin, waxy maize, sweet potato, oats, and quinoa, just 6g of fat, and 1,040 calories.

Gorilla Mode Mass Gainer Label

Gorilla Mind proudly promotes the use of its premium proteins, noting it doesn’t use any milk protein, collagen, or casein, and again, it is a whey isolate first gainer, which you’ll find is rather rare. The supplement comes in two flavors a classic Chocolate Peanut Butter and an undoubtedly more delicious Cookies & Cream with real cookie pieces. To top it all off, and help your body make even more use of the mass gainer, there is a full 2g dose of Velositol in Gorilla Mode Mass Gainer to notably increase muscle protein synthesis.

Gorilla Mode Mass Gainer is in stock and available for purchase directly from Gorilla Mind’s online store at $69.99 for a tub of 20 servings, although those servings are half the highlights, not the 70g of protein and 1,040 calories. If the maximum experience is more suited to your lifestyle and nutrition needs, to get the macros on the right-hand side of the gainer’s facts panel, you’ll need to fill your shaker with four scoops, although that will bring your total serving count down from 20 to 10.

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