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CNP puts over 2g of combined electrolytes into its competitor for the hydration space

Cnp Loaded H2o

The new entries into the hydration category continue to pour into the market, the latest coming from the UK legacy sports nutrition brand CNP, with Loaded H2O, purely dedicated to supporting hydration, performance, and recovery. The supplement company has packed the competitor full of quality electrolyte sources with an infusion of amino acids, and not just a small amount; CNP has stacked Loaded H2O with a hefty 5g of glutamine and 4g of the common performance and endurance component taurine.

Going alongside the glutamine and taurine, CNP has filled Loaded H2O with the likes of sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, and pink Himalayan salt, providing a combined electrolyte total that impressively reaches into the realm of the 2,000s. The supplement breaks down into 580mg of sodium and 400mg of potassium, and a hefty 1.25g of chloride. They all blend together to power the hydration and performance aspect of the product without any sugar and virtually no calories at an extremely light two per serving.

CNP’s Loaded H2O is available in tasty flavored powder format, and right out of the gate, it has plenty of options on its menu in five, almost all of them sweet and fruity in Juicy Melons, Orange Burst, the candy-themed Peach Rings and Strawberry Laces, and finally, the all-out candy experience, Blue Bears. The hydration supplement has gone live at, and while its price is not too bad, the brand has taken the premium route for Loaded H2O and put 20 servings in each tub, not the usual 30.