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Latitude 65 brings a classic soda flavor to its signature energy drink

Cola Latitude 65 Energy Drink

Latitude 65 has introduced a new Cola flavor for its signature energy drink. The latest extension offers the same functional benefits as the other options for the Swedish company’s signature beverage, featuring 180mg of caffeine, essential vitamins, and minerals, all while being completely sugar-free. The Cola Latitude 65 energy drink also maintains the clean approach to the nutrition side of things, having absolutely no sugar or carbohydrates and a practically non-existent calorie count of three per can.

Cola joins Latitude 65 Energy Drink’s large and diverse range of flavors that includes all sorts of common and unique experiences like Midnight Sun, which is appropriately blood orange, and the apple and pear combination Northern Lights. The growing functional beverage maker can be found in all sorts of retailers throughout Sweden, from the cooler at your local convenience store to the jam-packed energy drink aisle at big-name supermarkets, all of which Latitude 65’s new Cola flavor will be showing up in shortly.

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