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Introducing the incredibly intriguing Crepini and its impressively lean Protein Pancakes

Crepini Protein Pancakes

Crepini is a rather interesting functional food company that brings together parts of its family history and experiences into the one signature, better-for-you product. Founders Paula and Eric immigrated from Ukraine and Moldova to the US at a very young age, and it was on their way to the States that they were introduced to crêpes in Paris, France. They eventually found themselves with the idea of bringing that memory of crêpes and the Ukraine’s traditional blini, which is a bit pancake-like, stateside.

The name of Crepini is clearly a blend of those two worlds, crêpes and blinis, but most importantly, its selection of products focuses on clean nutrition, with a variety of high-protein, keto-friendly items to choose from. There is the brand’s Pancheesi Original Protein Pancakes, and are like a pancake that can be wrapped. It is made with cottage cheese, eggs, and oats, providing a solid 17g of protein in a serving of three pancakes, a low 9g of carbohydrates, just 2g of that sugar, and only half a gram of fat.

That nutrition profile is ridiculously impressive for the format of a soft and fluffy pancake or, in this case, Pancheesi, as it ends on a calorie count of just 110, giving it a protein-to-calorie ratio closer to a serving of lean protein powder instead of your typical protein bar. The Pancheesi Original Protein Pancakes are available in neutral and three actual flavors in Banana, Sour Cream & Onion, and Apple Cinnamon. The brand also has ready-to-eat French crêpes egg wraps made with cauliflower and have zero net carbohydrates, and self-explanatory Omelets To-Go packing a solid 24 to 25g of protein.

You can get a closer look at Crepini and its selection of better-for-you foods on its website at, where you can purchase most of its products directly. You do have to purchase the delicious-looking Pancheesi Protein Pancakes in bulk with bundles of six packs or 12 packs. Each of those packs has six pancakes; again, three of those provide that lean 17g of protein and impressive 110 calories, that’ll cost you $6.66 a serving, although if you grab the dozen pouches, it’s a much better $4.16.

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