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Creatine comes to Dedicated Nutrition in a large and competitively-priced half-kilogram tub

Dedicated Nutrition Creatine

A standalone creatine supplement is an essential part of a sports nutrition brand, firstly, because it’s one of the most studied and proven ingredients in the industry and is incredibly effective when it comes to supporting strength, performance, and power. All of those results also come from a single ingredient, and it’s not present in that many types of products, making it very easy to work into your month-to-month stack, and now fans of Dedicated Nutrition have that available to them with the simply named Creatine.

The reputable European sports nutrition brand has kept things straightforward and simple in the ingredient named Creatine, with a huge half a kilogram of creatine monohydrate in every bottle. That 500g works out to an even 100 servings, each at a full 5g, which would last you just over three months. The latest supplement from Dedicated Nutrition is also unflavored, for you to seamlessly throw it into your post-workout protein shake or even into a pre-workout with next-to-no effect on the flavor.