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Clean cashew butter brand Elavi makes a protein brownie and it sold out in hours

Elavi High Protein Brownie

Elavi is a functional food company that previously focused on delicious and clean cashew butter in some eye-catching, colorful flavors. Elavi uniquely makes its nut butter to taste like dessert with options like Chocolate Fudge, the vibrantly pink-colored Strawberry, and the bright blue Vanilla Frosting. It is the brand’s latest innovation and first extension outside of its signature cashew butter that has put it on our radar, introducing Elavi’s smooth, crumbly, and vegan-friendly High Protein Brownie.

Elavi recently released its High Protein Brownie to its cashew butter-loving fanbase, and to say it was incredibly well-received is an understatement. The functional food specialist completely sold out of the product in just three hours, which is a testament to the hype and build-up it had going into its debut. It does indeed promise a brownie-like experience, from the decadent taste right through to the classic brownie texture and consistency, and all of that is alongside a high protein nutrition profile.

The Elavi High Protein Brownie does have a fair amount of protein at 10g in a sizeable 53g brownie, not the heights of your typical protein bar, but significantly more than any ordinary packaged brownie treat. That protein sits alongside a rather large 28g of carbohydrates with 10g of that fiber and 8g sugar, 6g of fat, and 180 calories. Most impressively, this is not your common collagen-based brownie, Elavi makes its protein treat with dates, tapioca fiber, brown rice protein, organic chocolate, almond meal, cocoa powder, and a few other clean ingredients.

With the unique recipe behind it and moderate 10g of protein per piece, we have to believe the talk and positive words out there about Elavi’s protein-snacking introduction, the High Protein Brownie, are accurate, even more so that the product sold out in only three hours. Additional stock of Elavi’s protein-infused brownie is coming to, although it won’t be here anytime soon as the brand is not planning to have it available again for another four to six weeks, so likely, somewhere in July.

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