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Enhanced Labs uniquely uses a blend of CBD and amplifying CBN in its sleep aid

Enhanced Labs Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep is another new entry in the completely revamped Enhanced Labs arsenal, and true to its name, it is designed to help you get better quality deep sleep to encourage better muscle recovery and performance. As we’ve seen the brand do in all of the supplements we have highlighted since the brand underwent its makeover and complete transformation, Deep Sleep is packed full of reliable ingredients and effective dosages to ensure it has everything it needs to deliver results.

Enhanced Labs has packed all of the usual sleep suspects into its nighttime specialist Deep Sleep, including a light half a milligram of the classic melatonin, GABA, also moderately dosed at 200mg, 3g of glycine, 300mg of passionflower, and 100mg each of apigenin, 5-HTP and valerian root. There are a few other common components filling out the formula, like theanine, zinc via the typical ZMA blend, ornithine, and magnolia bark, but there is a unique aspect to this you won’t find almost anywhere else.

Enhanced Labs Deep Sleep Label

Enhanced Labs has decided to put cannabidiol or CBD in Deep Sleep at 40mg, and alongside that is also 2mg of cannabinol or CBN for short, which promises to amplify the sleep effects of CBD for that overall purpose of better, deeper, undisturbed sleep. The brand also uses vegan DHA powder at half a gram a serving for a similar purpose to the CBN: to enhance and further the sleep-supporting attributes of cannabidiol and cannabinol, quickly turning Deep Sleep into a one-of-a-kind sleep aid.

The sleep category is a favorite of ours purely because great improvements in that area can lead to very noticeable results in recovery and performance, and despite how many we’ve seen over the years, we can’t recall any that relied on the CBD, CBN, and DHA strategy Enhanced Labs has in Deep Sleep. The formula should make for a rather different sleep-improving experience, and you can get it beginning this month at at a price of $49.99 for a tub of 30 servings in a Fruit Punch flavor.