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Second supplement from Kris Gethin’s Unmatched is a stimulant-free pre-workout

First Look At Unmatched Supplements Dissident

We recently got a look at one of the first sports nutrition products coming from Kris Gethin’s new brand Unmatched Supplements in the Enfinity-fueled and CreGAAtine-backed pre-workout, BH2K — Be Harder To Kill. This week, the team is sharing a preview of another one of the products that are a part of Unmatched’s initial rollout, and it is for the same category as BH2K, but it is going to be without any high-powered energy ingredients in the stimulant-free pre-workout Dissident.

Unmatched Supplements Dissident has been formulated specifically to support performance, pumps, and mental focus; essentially, all of the core pre-workout benefits minus the increase in energy that comes from various stimulants. Again, Dissident is going to be completely stimulant-free, although that is clearly not holding it back from being as comprehensive as possible, and knowing the team behind the brand, it’ll likely be stackable with BH2K for you to combine all of their benefits.

The formula behind BH2K showed we are getting a well-thought-out brand in Unmatched Supplements, and it seems as though it’ll have a strong selection of products right out of the gate. While only the pre-workouts BH2K and stimulant-free Dissident have been revealed so far, we imagine the brand is taking a gradual approach. It was BH2K last week and Dissident this week, with likely more reveals of debut supplements being shared as we get closer and closer to the launch date.