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Kris Gethin and Unmatched pack plenty of focus into their debut pre-workout BH2K

Unmatched Supplements Bh2k

Quickly following the reveal of one of the first products from Kris Gethin and his new brand Unmatched Supplements, we’ve got the formula to share, and it’s right in the wheelhouse of Gethin himself and the other owner of the newcomer, industry veteran Doug Miller. The star of the show for the soon-to-be-released Unmatched is going to be the pre-workout BH2K, which stands for “Be Hard To Kill”, and it is packed full of quality and reliable ingredients and dosages.

Unmatched Supplements BH2K is a relatively well-balanced pre-workout, supporting all of the core areas a pre-workout can, although notably, the energy is not coming from the usual sources, and by that, we mean various forms of caffeine like anhydrous, di-caffeine, or caffeine citrate. Kris Gethin’s fresh new take on the world of sports nutrition is powered by the innovative Enfinity paraxanthine, promoted for its ability to elevate energy without the occasional crashes and tolerance from caffeine.

BH2K packs what is a fairly typical dose of Enfinity paraxanthine into its BH2K pre-workout at 300mg, but that is far from all you get in this one. Alongside that is a sizeable 2g of tyrosine, a gram of acetyl-l-carnitine, 100mg of CognatiQ, and the proven powerhouse cognitive enhancer Cognizin at 250mg, all in an effort to add a tunnel vision-like focus element to the experience. There is also the usual 3.2g of beta-alanine for performance support, 6g of the 3D Pump blend broken, and 2g of CreGAAtine, a blend of creatine monohydrate and the creatine precursor, guanidinoacetic acid.

Unmatched Supplements Bh2k Label

Considering it’s the first product from Kris Gethin and Unmatched Supplements, it is a solid one and certainly sets the tone for what to expect from the other products the sports nutrition brand has up its sleeve. Again, the pre-workout BH2K has all of the necessary tools, or in this case, ingredients, to support plenty of energy and focus, plus pumps from 3D Pump and beta-alanine-backed performance.

With not an overly intense amount of pump and performance support in Unmatched Supplements BH2K pre-workout, we wouldn’t be surprised if Kris Gethin’s second-coming has a separate and stackable stimulant-free pre-workout also on the way to potentially further strengthen BH2K’s comprehensiveness. Either way, the Enfinity-fueled product is due to hit the market in the coming weeks, and you can sign up to be notified by email as soon as it arrives through its dedicated online store.