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Dextrose-based Carb+ joining the Frontline Formulations family this coming Monday

Frontline Formulations Carb

Frontline Formulations has announced its next supplement and shared all of its core details, and it’s not far away from becoming available, with the sports nutrition brand planning to have it out and online for purchase within the next few days. Frontline’s latest line extension is Carb+, a carbohydrate-based product, coming in the one flavor, or lack thereof, as it won’t have any taste to it in its lone Unflavored option, making it incredibly easy to mix with other supplements like an intra-workout or post-workout.

Carb+ from Frontline Formulations is all about carbohydrates, and it relies on one of the most common sources in the space with dextrose for notably fast digestion and prompt replenishment of your glycogen stores for energy, performance, and endurance. The product is going to hit shelves on Monday of next week in a rather large 2.64lb tub, and while it does say it has 30 servings, it is a straightforward carb formula, so you can divide that bulk powder how ever you please, whether that’s 30, 40, or even 50g a servings.