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G Fuel has actually put full servings of its gaming supplement into its energizing protein powder

Full Details Of G Fuel Energy Protein

G Fuel dropped a bomb of an announcement last week when it confirmed it’d be getting into the business of protein powder with G Fuel Energy Protein. After being all about its signature Energy Formula since its inception and successfully branching out into energy drinks and hydration, the gaming supplement giant is tackling one of the busiest categories in sports nutrition. It is not without its own unique twist, as G Fuel Energy Protein is one of the rare competitors that puts caffeine in its formula.

We’ve got full details on that product as it has officially launched today over at at the rather premium price of $39.99 for a bag of 20 servings, which is around the same area as what fans are used to paying for its flagship, Energy Formula. It is still very much a premium-priced supplement, as $40 for 20 servings of 15g of protein is on the high side. If you scale up the servings to be 25g of protein, you’re only getting 12 per bag, compared to likes of Ghost Whey at $44.99 for more than twice the servings with that scaled 25g of protein.

G Fuel Energy Protein Label

With every piece of information on G Fuel Energy Protein now here, we can confirm the nutrition that comes alongside the 15g of protein per serving, and it’s not overly light. The whey concentrate and isolate-backed protein sits at 7g of carbohydrates, under a gram of that sugar, a gram of fat, and 100 calories. To give you an idea of what that balance is like next to a typical protein serving, if you have enough to get 25g of protein from G Fuel Energy Protein, you get about 11.6g of carbs and 166 calories.

As mentioned, the key difference in G Fuel Energy Protein is it has added caffeine but that’s not all. The blend of ingredients driving the energy in the protein powder is actually identical to that of the brand’s own Energy Formula. Basically, everything that’s in a serving of G Fuel’s star supplement for energy and focus, is here, in Energy Protein, including tyrosine, taurine, the many different superfoods, ATP, and the caffeine at 140mg, with the only exception being n-acetyl-l-carnitine has been left out of the formula.

Feel free to head over to and grab a bag of G Fuel Energy Protein and while it does carry a premium price for a protein powder, it’s not premium if you’re after everything it has to offer. Again, the brand has practically replicated its list of ingredients from Energy Formula in Energy Protein plus the 15g of protein per serving, and it’s available in three flavors, Chocolate, Cafe Mocha, and French Vanilla Latte.