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Gaming supplement giant G Fuel unveils its caffeine-infused protein powder

G Fuel Energy Protein Powder

Earlier in the week, the gaming supplement company G Fuel shared a teaser that, to us, alluded to a protein powder, which seemed out of place for the brand that has long been known for its energy and focus-supporting powder product. A few days later, G Fuel has come out and announced what the teaser was relating to, and it has indeed turned out to be a protein powder; although in line with what it’s known for, it’s infused with energizing caffeine.

G Fuel protein powder provides 15g of protein per serving with no sugar but there are other macros as the calories are 90 to 100, leaving 30 to 40 calories that don’t come from protein. We suspect the protein is from whey, and as mentioned, there is caffeine in the gaming brand’s competitor, and it’s not light at 140mg, the same as its signature Energy Formula. The flavors filling out the menu are also not your traditional tastes, or at least all of them.

The intriguing, energy-enhancing protein powder from G Fuel is going to hit the market in three flavors; one of them is rather common in Chocolate, while the other two are coffee-inspired in French Vanilla Latte and Cafe Mocha. The gaming brand is asking fans to sign up to its waitlist to be notified as soon as its protein powder is available for purchase in its bags of 20 servings; however, the launch isn’t that far away, taking place on Wednesday of next week.