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Ghost and Sydney add something extra to each of its upcoming Summertime Punch products

Ghost X Sydney Cummings Product Differences

This Sunday, on Mother’s Day, Ghost is officially releasing its giant supplement collaboration with Sydney Cummings, involving four separate products, all in a refreshing and summer-suitable Summertime Punch flavor. The collection has a lot of extra interest and intrigue due to the fact that one of those supplements in Sydney’s Summertime Punch flavor is the first-ever clear-style protein powder from Ghost, named Ghost Clear Whey, with 25g of protein and 100 calories.

Longtime fans of Ghost will know that in some of its collaborations, specifically with athletes and ambassadors, it switches things up by adding to or altering the formula in some way. It has indeed done that for the other three supplements in its Syndey Cummings series, which are Ghost Legend, Ghost Glow, and Ghost Greens. They are small changes, but most definitely notable as they are added ingredients with nothing being removed or lowered whatsoever.

Ghost Legend and Glow changes

In Ghost and Sydney Cummings’ Summertime Punch Ghost Legend, you get all of the usual highlights of the pre-workout, plus 50mg of the genuinely reliable sweat-producing GBB and another 50mg of a favorite muscle builder and performance-supporter of ours in Senactiv. For Ghost Greens, again, you get all of the original formula, including BioCore, Spectra, and over 6g of fruits and greens, plus half a gram of the electrolyte source coconut water powder.

Nana Berry Greens formula returns

As for the third and final slightly altered supplement from Ghost and Sydney Cummings, Ghost Glow, this version is actually something the brand has done before. A few years ago, Ghost got together with influencer Kiley Miller for her own Nana Berry flavor of Ghost Greens. In that product, Ghost merged its usual blend of beauty and appearance-supporting ingredients with proven Dermaval for its ability to reduce collagen breakdown and improve production.

Global launch

Once again, Ghost is launching its entire Sydney Cummings collection this coming Sunday on Mother’s Day, directly through its online store at It is a mostly global drop (Glow US-only) going live at midday in the US, 6PM local time in the UK, and midday local in Australia, all through their sections of the website. Don’t be surprised if there is a bundle, too, as we imagine the brand will be prepared for those who want the set like some of its past large collections.