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HR Labs is releasing an all-new hybrid hydration and amino combination separate from No Code

Hr Labs Announces The Coming Of Hydro Eaa

HR Labs is no stranger to the amino category and hydration, putting together two versions of its hybrid supplement over the years in No Code and No Code V2, a dual-type product combining a solid dose of aminos for recovery and electrolytes for hydration and performance. At the beginning of next month, the UK-based brand is reigniting its presence in the category, or two categories for that matter, with the launch of Hydro EAA, a refreshed blend of EAAs and hydration.

Hydro EAA hasn’t had too many details shared yet, but the name does give away much of what it’s about, again, following in the footsteps of HR Labs’ long-running No Code, featuring a blend of EAAs for recovery and a variety of ingredients for hydration. While we don’t have any exact formula to go off, we imagine the brand will be stepping things up from No Code V2, which will be an effort as that had a hefty 10g of all nine EAAs plus Aquamin and Cocomineral for electrolytes.

Again, HR Labs is planning to officially launch Hydro EAA at the beginning of next month, right on the first day of June, with presumably more details coming between now and then. The UK is reliably known for its quality formulations, and with Hydro EAA essentially being HR Labs’ third dive into a hybrid amino and hydration cocktail, we look forward to seeing the evolution.

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