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Pre-Workout 3.0 carries over a lot from 2.0, increases dosages and adds even more depth

Htlt Pre Workout 3

Greg Doucette’s supplement company HTLT has not been shy when it comes to reformulating and reworking already available products, and each time it has reworked something, it has done it justice and made it better. We saw this a couple of years ago for the brand’s signature pre-workout simply named Pre-Workout 2.0. HTLT made several adjustments to ramp up the overall experience of the supplement, and this month, we’re getting a threequel to that with Pre-Workout 3.0.

HTLT’s Pre-Workout 3.0 makes a similar amount of leaps forward as we saw from Pre-Workout to Pre-Workout 2.0, with a few added ingredients and increased dosages, all while still covering all of the ground the supplement has always tried to. Pre-Workout from HTLT is one of your premium, well-rounded competitors, not necessarily focusing on one specific area like energy and focus, like its own Hardcore Stim 2.0; it shoots for all of the effects in energy, focus, pumps, and performance.

Consistencies from 2.0

We’ve got the facts panel for HTLT’s sequel, Pre-Workout 3.0, in the image below, and it has actually carried over every ingredient from its predecessor — Pre-Workout 2.0 — except for pump-powering Nitrosigine and the potently stimulating eria jarensis. Everything else is very much in there, including pure citrulline at a hefty 9g a serving, a slightly lower but still plenty of beta-alanine at 4g, 600mg of alpha-GPC for focus and cognition, a lot more huperzine A at 400mcg, 3g of betaine, 1.5g of taurine, double the theobromine to 300mg and also double theanine to that same 300mg.

Htlt Pre Workout 3 Label

Added ingredients

The biggest differences in HTLT’s Pre-Workout 3.0, aside from the small ups and downs in the consistent ingredients, are the additions, and there are few of them. Now included in the stacked pre-workout is saffron, a rare but effective focus component at 75mg, 381mg of rhodiola also for focus as well as increased performance, and to further force better pumps, a precise 381mg of VasoDrive. There is also a rather rare ingredient, and we don’t just mean for pre-workouts, but not often seen in sports nutrition as a whole NAD at 20mg for its ability to improve energy, clarity, and focus.

Where to buy

Simply put, if you liked HTLT’s original Pre-Workout and Pre-Workout 2.0, there is no reason why you won’t enjoy the overall effectiveness of the threequel Pre-Workout 3.0. It has increased dosages in a few areas while maintaining the robust dosages of its predecessors, and there are several additions for deeper support in all the right areas. You can get the third version of HTLT’s pre-workout for slightly more than 2.0 at $49.99 for a tub of 40 regular, 20 moderate, or 13 maximum servings.