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HTLT shifts up a gear in the sequel to its intense higher-stimulant pre-workout

Htlt Hardcore Stim 2

Greg Doucette’s HTLT has refreshed its high-powered, high-stimulant pre-workout, aptly named Hardcore Stim, separate from its other, less stimulant-heavy competitors in the category like Pre-Workout 2.0 and Pre-Pump. The sequel is simply called Hardcore Stim 2.0, and it is more than deserving of the “2.0” title, as it has undergone several tweaks and changes to make for an even more intense experience in the gym, but with that said, the maximum amount of servings you get per tub has come down a lot.

In the original, you could throw down two scoops for the full dosages of HTLT’s Hardcore Stim, although in Hardcore Stim 2.0, you need to take down three. The catch there is you still get 40 total scoops per tub, so instead of 20 maximum servings in every bottle, you get only ten. The price of the supplement has come down a bit, at least, from $49.99 to $44.99, making things a little better; however, it does indeed work out to be more expensive, a whopping 80% more expensive based on the full serving.

Htlt Hardcore Stim 2 Label

There are several ingredients and dosages that have been carried over from the original for HTLT’s sequel, Hardcore Stim 2.0, including 4g of performance-supporting beta-alanine, taurine at a higher 2g, and 20% more focus-enhancing alpha-GPC. The energy side of the product has undergone a lift in intensity, with 25% more PEA, roughly the same amount of eria jarensis, more than triple the huperzine a to 390mcg, and 300mg of caffeine anhydrous as opposed to 250mg of anhydrous and 100mg of di-caffeine malate.

The list of differences doesn’t end there, with HTLT also removing and adding ingredients to the hardcore pre-workout, including the loss of theanine, and introduction of citicoline and saffron for focus, DMAE at 195mg, and interestingly NADH at 30mg, more commonly found in longevity supplements, but is present here for the purpose of fighting fatigue. Altogether, Hardcore Stim 2.0 is a solid step up for the brand, mostly adding to the experience in terms of more focus and energy, with realistically removing just theanine.

As mentioned earlier, Hardcore Stim 2.0 is available directly through HTLT’s online store at $44.99, which is a lower price overall compared to its predecessor, although that serving count is much lower, half to be exact, at 10 instead of 20. The hard-hitting sequel pre-workout does continue the tradition of debuting in the one lone flavor option in a sweet and refreshing Tropical Fruit Punch.