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Hypa supersizes its New Zealand whey protein powder in a giant 4kg bucket

Hypa Sports 4kg Bucket Of Pro Charge

Bigger is always better when it comes to sizes of bulk sports nutrition products like pre-workouts, protein powders, and mass gainers, and we don’t mean scoop or serving size or anything like that; we’re talking about the overall number of servings. Buying a 4lb or 5lb tub of protein powder has always topped that of a 2lber, barring any sort of deal or discount, and there is now a massive opportunity in that area with the New Zealand retailer Hypa Sports and its in-house brand of the same name.

Previously, you could only purchase Hypa Sports’ Pro-Charge protein powder in 1kg bags of about 30 servings, as well as multi-bag deals for some savings. The regular cost of the 1kg of New Zealand grass-fed whey concentrate Pro-Charge is $69.95 (42.73 USD), or buy three, and it’s $53.31 (32.56 USD) each. Now available from Hypa for that supplement is an absolutely giant 4kg bucket, which is a huge 8.8lbs, for $229.95 (140.46 USD), providing 120 servings, each with a solid 27g of protein.

Interestingly, it’s not as cost-effective per kilogram as the triple-bag bundle of Pro-Charge; however, it’s better than the single and double, so it is the best bulk price for its size, as to get more than 3kg of the Hypa Sports protein powder at the value of the triple, you’d need to buy 6kgs worth. Either way, you can pick up the mammoth 4kgs of Pro-Charge straight from Hypa’s online store, with only one of the protein powder’s several flavors to choose from at the moment in Coco Loco Chocolate.