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Infinis Nutrition’s muscle builders have arrived and their prices aren’t too bad

Infinis Launches Test Booster And Muscle Builder

Infinis Nutrition has officially launched its first muscle-building-focused supplements in the simply named testosterone booster Test Booster and the natural anabolic backed by PeptiStrong, Muscle Builder. The two products can be used alongside one another for even better muscle strength, size, and performance results, with no overlap for any of their ingredients. In true fashion of the quickly expanding brand, each supplement is loaded with premium and reliable components and dosages.

Being muscle-building products, and especially of the testosterone-boosting kind, there was potential for Infinis Nutrition’s Test Booster and Muscle Builder to have rather hefty price tags; however, they have landed right around its other items. Muscle Builder has come in as the brand’s most expensive offering to date, but not by a lot at $61.99 for a bottle of 30 servings; then the stackable Test Booster actually sits a pinch lower on the table at $59.99, the same as Infinis’ powerhouse Ultra Pre-Workout.