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Infinis puts full dosages of premium and proven PeptiStrong and RipFactor in its natural anabolic

Infinis Nutrition Muscle Builder

Infinis Nutrition is back in the headlines with a full reveal of one of its two upcoming muscle-building supplements, and this one is the more obviously titled Muscle Builder, separate and stackable with the up-and-coming company’s testosterone booster titled Test Booster. Infinis Nutrition approaches the art of supporting and improving muscle growth and strength without any testosterone-specific ingredients; five in total, all respectable, familiar, and, of course, dosed reliably.

Muscle Builder from Infinis Nutrition makes use of the increasingly popular A.I. discovered muscle-building peptide shown to increase muscle protein synthesis, reduce muscle breakdown, and support exercise-induced inflammation. The brand has put the ingredient in there at its full and effective dose of 2.4g in a five-capsule serving, but as mentioned, that is not all that’s in this one, with a few other premium and proven components in the mix, all for the goal of improving muscle building.

Infinis Nutrition Muscle Builder Label

Joining the well-supported PeptiStrong in Infinis Nutrition’s Muscle Builder is 135mg of the innovative LEO-HB bioavailability-enhanced ursolic acid, 200mg of epicatechin, and 25mg of apigenin. The fifth and final feature of the supplement is 650mg of the patented RipFactor, promoted for its ability to enhance strength, performance, and muscle mass in as quickly as two weeks. It’s a robust combination of ingredients, although that is to be expected if you’ve seen the brand’s other products.

Infinis Nutrition is planning to launch Muscle Builder later this week, and it won’t be alone; it is indeed dropping alongside the previously previewed and perfectly stacked testosterone booster, Test Booster. We suspect both Test Booster and Muscle Builder will carry a premium price to match their formulas as well as their typically pricey categories, sitting in the 50 to $60 range, maybe even higher. They’ll each have a full 30 servings a bottle though, to get you through a typical month.