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OxyShred Energy Drink is getting a splash of watermelon at Woolworths supermarkets

Juicy Watermelon Oxyshred Energy Drink

Australian brand EHP Labs, which has exploded in the North American market over the last few years, has announced a new flavor for one of the products responsible for that notable increase in popularity in the tasty, carbonated, and functional beverage, the Oxyshred Energy Drink. The product brings together a variety of vitamins, carnitine, and a moderate and smooth level of caffeine, all without any sugar, carbohydrates, or calories, in some truly delicious flavors, especially the Ghostbusters collaboration, Slimer.

There is a new flavor of the Oxyshred Energy Drink about to hit shelves down under in EHP Labs’ original region, and it is set to be seen all over the place, as the extension is launching in the supermarket Woolworths, which has a huge range of over 1,000 locations across Australia. The flavor is rather traditional and common in the world of sports nutrition supplements, with Juicy Watermelon aiming for a classic watermelon taste, and again, it’ll be easy to get your hands on in Australia with a listing at Woolworths.