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Longtime clear protein competitor Life Pro introduces a beverage version

Life Pro Nutrition Clear Protein Water

Similar to many other competitors in the UK and European sports nutrition market, Life Pro Nutrition has been in the subcategory of clear protein powder for quite some time, and has been consistently adding to the menu of its effort 100% Clear Isolate Zero. This week the Spanish brand has something new and exciting for that spin-off space of the saturated protein powder category, although it takes the approach in a separate direction of bulk powder that you scoop and serve with water.

Life Pro Nutrition has introduced Clear Protein Water, an on-the-go beverage version with that clear protein style and it has all of the other hallmarks of the subcategory. The product provides 20g of muscle-building protein in a 500ml bottle, all coming from high-quality, fast-absorbing, and lean whey isolate. There is no sugar, carbohydrates, or fat in Clear Protein Water, leading to the lightest possible calorie count, with 79 for the Forest Fruit flavor and 85 in the iced tea-themed Peach Iced Tea.

Life Pro Nutrition won our Functional Brand Of The Year Award in 2023 for making moves precisely like this, and it simply never stops, with development after development. Clear Protein Water is the latest ever-evolving play from the sports nutrition and functional powerhouse, and it won’t be the last. You can grab the clear protein RTD directly from the brand’s online store in single bottles at €2.90 (3.15 USD).