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Liquid IV changes up its logo and flavor callouts for its bold new rebrand

Liquid Iv Rebrand

One of the supplement companies responsible for bringing the mass amount of success and attention to the category of hydration, Liquid IV, by way of its signature Hydration Multiplier, has undergone a bit of a makeover. The brand has revamped the appearance of all of its products, not really changing too much in terms of the information and details communicated on its packaging, still highlighting its hydration benefits, its “faster hydration” tagline, and sticking to its original packaging format of bags and boxes.

The most notable difference in Liquid IV’s revamp comes in its logo, which has been tweaked slightly, adding a bit more thickness to its lettering and creative techniques to some of its individual letters. The flavor callouts on the supplements are much bolder too, where you actually get pictures of the various fruits, like slices of lemon and lime for Lemon Lime. Fans don’t need to worry about the effectiveness of the products, as on the inside, everything is exactly the same, and you can order them all now at