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MuscleTech begins rolling out its comprehensive amino cocktail Platinum EAA+ in Europe

Muscletech Europe Platinum Eaa

Following MuscleTech’s massive appearance at this year’s FIBO Expo in Cologne, Germany, where the legacy supplement company had athlete appearances, exclusive apparel, and sampling available, it is rolling out its completely new product in Europe with Platinum EAA+. This is more than your traditional amino cocktail with all nine essential amino acids, which it does have, but that comes alongside a few other components to support other fitting and complementing benefits.

MuscleTech’s Platinum EAA+ in Europe has 7g of a unique balance of all nine essential amino acids to support muscle recovery and repair, and just over half of that belongs to BCAAs at 4g in a 2:1:1 ratio. Where the brand mixes things up and reinforces the “+” in its title is there is also a host of vitamins and electrolytes. The latter part of that pair is there for the purpose of improving hydration and performance, again, a complementing feature, especially when used pre or intra-workout.

As mentioned, Platinum EAA+ with its 7g of essential amino acids and electrolytes, is specifically for the giant UK and European market, where MuscleTech has great distribution and an immense presence. Platinum EAA+is going to be rolling out into several countries, including strong locations like Germany, Poland, the UK, Czechia, and Spain. Fans of the sports nutrition brand will be seeing the amino cocktail on shelves in 30 serving tubs in Sour Apple and Fruit Punch flavors.