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Naughty Boy puts a powerhouse formula in its premium electrolyte-fueled Electro Pre

Naughty Boy Electro Pre

Naughty Boy has shared the formula of what is essentially the star of its Top Boy Series, made up of Electro EAA, Electro Pump, and Electro Pre. We are, of course, referring to the stimulant-backed pre-workout of the three in Electro Pre, which has reliable sources of electrolytes to support hydration, a consistent feature of all of the Electro supplements. The difference on this one is that you get the electrolytes as well as pump-powering nitrates with a host of energy and focus components.

Naughty Boy’s Electro Pre actually has an identical blend of NO3-T nitrates as Electro Pump with creatine, betaine, sodium, and potassium nitrate. The amino-bonded nitrates creatine and betaine are at the same dose in the energizing pre-workout at a gram each, and the sodium and potassium nitrate sit at a quarter of a gram each per serving. The UK-based brand also makes things interesting by transparently dosing the nitrates, not a common thing you see, showing how much is the amino or mineral and nitrates.

Interestingly, while the premium NO3-T nitrates in Naughty Boy Electro Pre look great, it actually has a few other ingredients in the mix to further enhance muscle pumps and fullness, including 200mg of PeptiPump, and a sizeable 5g blend of HydroPrime and ElectroPrime. Promera’s latest innovation has also found its way into the supplement with 2g of HydroNOX citrulline HCl, a concentrated citrulline, promising the same benefits as regular citrulline but in a concentrated dose that is three times smaller.

Naughty Boy Electro Pro Label

Outside of all of those promising pump-powering components, Naughty Boy has jacked up Electro Pre with a host of stimulants and nootropics, all reliable and at robust dosages. That list of sensory ingredients includes 200mg of Sabroxy, another 200mg of uridine, half a gram of the potent juglans regia, a huge 5g of tyrosine, and 250mg of CDP choline. Caffeine most definitely has a hand in the experience, too, with three forms of the stimulant combining for around 400mg in a maximum serving.

Naughty Boy said that its Top Boy Series of Electro Pre, Electro Pump, and Electro EAA would be on the same level as its almost legendary, original Winter Soldier Series, and as bold of a statement as that was, it was not wrong. Electro Pre is a great example of that, as it is indeed a potent pre-workout, loaded with support for pumps, focus, energy, and hydration, and will be a must-try if you’re like us and really enjoy pre-workouts that strike a great balance of stimulation to pump and strength-driving performance.