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Naughty Boy shares the formula behind one of its premium Top Boy Series supplements

Naughty Boy Top Boy Electropump

Naught Boy has shared the formula behind one of the first supplements under its upcoming premium, Top Boy Series, consisting of the pre-workouts Electro Pre and Electro Pump, and the amino cocktail Electro EAA. The award-winning brand has shared the formula behind one of those three products, all of which are infused with a robust selection of electrolytes to combine their core category and purpose with support for hydration, performance, and recovery.

Naughty Boy’s Electro Pump pre-workout is stimulant-free and will be able to be stacked with Electro Pre, a competitor in the same very category although infused with a potent blend of stimulants for energy and focus. We’ve got the facts panel for Electro Pump below, and the brand spends no time messing around on this, loading it up with an extensive selection of ingredients and stacked dosages to increase and enhance muscle pumps and mental focus, plus the hydration.

Naughty Boy Top Boy Electropump Label

There is plenty in Naughty Boy’s Electro Pump to deliver a powerful pump, including a huge 10g of pure citrulline, not citrulline malate, the recently introduced peptide-powered PeptiPump at 200mg a serving, HesperiPump hesperidin, also at 200mg, and a whole bunch of nitrates. There is creatine, betaine, sodium, and potassium nitrate, each transparently dosed, showing you exactly how much of the ingredients are, specifically creatine, etc, and how much is nitrates.

As mentioned, Naughty Boy’s upcoming Top Boy Series Electro Pump pre-workout also promises a good amount of focus, and in that area, you have citicoline at a respectable 250mg and 50mg of tri-acetyl uridine. This is alongside that strong set of electrolytes and other hydration components, including the MGultra magnesium blend, taurine, fructooligosaccharides, and a combined electrolyte count of just over 700mg from all of its various sources, including the sodium and potassium nitrate.

Electro Pump is expected to be hitting the market in the near future, again, alongside Naughty Boy’s two other Top Boy Series supplements, Electro Pre and Electro EAA, all of which can be used together for the ultimate workout; Pre and Pump before and EAA during. We’ll be sure to share the formulas behind the other two products when they’re out there and share details on when and where you can get your hands on any or all of the premium Top Boy supplements.