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Naughty Boy is releasing a series of premium products all infused with electrolytes

Naughty Boy Top Boy Series

Naughty Boy is well on its way to fulfilling its promise of launching over 100 different SKUs or items here in 2024, already adding several completely new products to its selection, building up to that total by way of innovations, not just flavors or sizes, which are classified as SKUs. Next up from the brand, following on from the likes of the KSM-66-powered No Stress, the testosterone booster Bull Head, and the fat burner Shred OG, is a promising line of products called the Top Boy Series.

Naughty Boy’s upcoming Top Boy collection is going to consist of three separate supplements in Electro Pre, Electro Pump, and Electro EAA, which are a pre-workout, stimulant-free pump pre-workout, and amino cocktail, respectively. The other details that have been shared about the series are that each of those products will indeed feature electrolytes in some way, shape, or form, as the name suggests, and they’ll have formulas bridging into the classification of premium.

Basically, Naughty Boy’s Top Boy Series of Electro Pre, Electro Pump, and Electro EAA will be similar to the Winter Soldier selection, which was a collection of supplements for categories the UK brand already competes in but with stacked formulas at slightly higher prices. By the sounds of things, that’ll be the same story in the Top Boy family, each product having a loaded list of ingredients and dosages for their specific category and, again, an infusion and involvement of electrolytes.0