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Cheese and Jalapeno bumps Novo Nutrition’s protein chip lineup to five flavors

Novo Protein Pops Tangy Cheese

Novo Nutrition brought itself back into the format of chips last year with Protein Pops, after being one of the first to ever put protein into that shape and size, and it gives you 10g of protein per bag. The product came to market in three flavors with Barbecue, Sour Cream And Onion, and Sweet Chilli, which shortly after their debut were quickly joined by a fourth option in Tangy Cheese. The innovative functional specialist has announced another extension to Protein Pops, still well within its first year in business.

Joining the original three and the only marginally newer Tangy Cheese, is a somewhat spicy effort in Cheese and Jalapeno Protein Pops. It keeps the macros relatively the same as the others, with precisely 9.7g of protein per 45g bag, a low 5.4g of fat, and 23g of carbohydrates with a low 2.3g of that sugar, all for a calorie count of 186. Flavor number five is expected to be coming to market in the UK shortly, further expanding its selection and opening itself up to a wider audience beyond the reach of its first four.