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Supernova Legacy promises to be the biggest launch in Nutrabolics 22-year history

Nutrabolics Previews Supernova Legacy

Supernova is the premier pre-workout from the legacy Canadian supplement company Nutrabolics, which has been around for a while, but despite its age, it packs some robust dosages in a loaded two-scoop serving. It was one of the first few products to get into double digits for citrulline malate, alongside solid dosages lion’s mane, the performance-powering PeakO2 blend, betaine, and caffeine. The brand in black is now getting ready to release an all-new competitor for the saturated category named Supernova Legacy.

Nutrabolics’ upcoming Supernova Legacy has had very few details revealed, just the image above, showing off a refreshed label design and the fact that it has 40 regular or 20 maximum servings a bottle. We also know the weight of those servings, coming in at 28g, giving the brand more than enough room to deliver a comprehensive formula. It’s been quite some time since Nutrabolics updated its Supernova pre-workout, and again, back when it made its debut, it stood out, so we have high hopes for Supernova Legacy.

Nutrabolics is not hiding the fact that Supernova Legacy is going to be a significant release, stating that it is the biggest launch in the long-running brand’s 22-year history, further building the hype and anticipation for the pre-workout. It is officially going to be announced or unveiled in a few days on Wednesday, at precisely midday Pacific Time, where we imagine we’ll get to see all of the ingredients and dosages jammed into it.