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Fat burner Thermo Booster becomes a shot but without caffeine-fueled energy

Nutrend Thermo Booster Shot

The Pump Pre-Workout Shot isn’t the only compact and convenient shot the giant Czech brand Nutrend is rolling out into the market; it’s also done an identical format spin-off of one of its weight loss supplements in Thermo Booster. Now available alongside the capsule product, Thermo Booster, is the sports nutrition company’s fat-burning shot, simply named the Thermo Booster Shot, and while it is all about weight management, it does not have the same selection of ingredients.

Nutrend has actually decided to make its Thermo Booster Shot caffeine-free, which is not the case in the original capsule, where you get a substantial 244mg of caffeine in a two-capsule serving. Again, the brand has still filled the pocket-sized beverage with fat loss-supporting components, including 60mg of synephrine, ginseng, 1.5g of carnitine, and magnesium. There is also 800mg of arginine to improve nitric oxide and 200mg of choline to add a bit of focus and cognition to the drink-and-go experience.

While the Thermo Booster Shot sounds like something fans can grab as a convenient alternative to the capsule Thermo Booster supplement, as you can see, that is not entirely the case. It has a smaller selection of ingredients for focus, nothing for energy, and a similar amount for weight loss, but it achieves all of these effects in a slightly different way. The Thermo Booster Shot is still a nice addition to Nutrend, and it’s out now in Czechia in singles or boxes of 20 in the one Grapefruit flavor.

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